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Christopher Balmaceda

Business & Entrepreneurship

Christopher Balmaceda, a certified real estate agent residing in the Greater Phoenix region, possesses an innate knowledge of the area due to his upbringing and roots. His primary objective is to assist fellow locals in discovering their ideal real estate property, whether commercial or residential.

With a remarkable career spanning over seven years in the real estate sector and fifteen years in customer service, Christopher has honed his skills in guiding, mentoring, and providing training to others.

As a realtor, Christopher Balmaceda places utmost importance on fulfilling the needs of his clients. Rather than viewing them solely as transactions, he recognizes them as individuals, valuing the personal aspect of his interactions. Christopher consistently strives to prioritize the human element in his work, ensuring every client receives respectful and compassionate treatment while accomplishing their goals. 

Christopher Balmaceda’s professional background is undeniably distinctive and captivating. It all started with pursuing a Business Management education at Devry University, which laid the foundation for his career. Subsequently, he obtained his BNSF Conductor Certification, further enriching his skill set. Christopher then enhanced his expertise by attending the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business. 

Christopher Balmaceda embarked on his professional journey by assuming roles such as Department Manager at Safeway and Goodyear. He was entrusted with recruitment, training, and fulfilling customer orders. This experience provided Christopher with ample exposure to the intricacies of customer service, enabling him to develop a profound understanding of meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations. Following his managerial tenure, Christopher transitioned into the role of a Freight Conductor at BNSF Railway. In this capacity, he was tasked with tasks such as collecting freight manifests, overseeing distributions, and ensuring the optimal performance of the engineering team.

Recently, Christopher Balmaceda has focused on his flourishing career as a realtor, a path where his true talents shine. Firstly, he serves as a Realtor at Peoria, where his responsibilities encompass cultivating relationships with clients and vendors. Secondly, Christopher holds the Success Manager and Realtor position at Reality One Group (The Mojo Team). As the team manager, he assumes the crucial responsibilities of overseeing team operations, including recruitment, training, and coaching. Despite juggling multiple responsibilities, Christopher Balmaceda finds immense joy in his work and has mastered balancing these roles alongside his Realtor position.

Christopher Balmaceda has a deep affection for sports. He embraces various forms of sports, including e-sports, finding delight in video games spanning genres from FPS to sports games. In addition to virtual sports, Christopher actively participates in physical sports such as softball, volleyball, and football. His enthusiasm for these activities has led him to engage in coaching, particularly with his children, hoping to instill and nurture their passion for sports.

Above all else, Christopher Balmaceda cherishes the moments spent with his family. He prioritizes his role as a family man over his profession —Christopher endeavors to excel as a husband and father, aspiring to provide unwavering support and love. Actively engaging in his children’s lives is a source of great joy for him, as he encourages them to explore new endeavors and shares his cherished hobbies from his upbringing.

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